Fleet Management Solutions

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Steel Toe Systems provides fleet management systems that enable companies to track, monitor and manage their vehicle fleets. We understand the challenges that your company faces in knowing where vehicles are at all times, avoiding expensive break-downs and keeping overall operating costs down. Steel Toe Systems can help you do that with a combination of vehicle diagnostics, a GPS tracking system and no cost roadside assistance.


How It Works


  1. The installed Networkfleet units monitor vehicle location, engine diagnostics, and other fleet performance metrics – 24/7.
  2. The fleet tracking system automatically transmits vehicle data over a secure wireless network to the Networkfleet Data Center.
  3. Fleet operators access a secure Networkfleet website to receive vehicle alerts, track vehicle locations, and monitor driver behavior. Using PCs, smart phones and tablets, managers monitor fleet tracking data to make real-time decisions that lower costs and improve fleet performance.

Steel Toe Systems is a Verizon Networkfleet Platinum Partner.

There's a lot more to Steel Toe Systems' Fleet Management Solution than just monitoring your vehicles. Our industry-leading fleet tracking devices provide a comprehensive array of alerts, reports, and features to help you cut costs and improve fleet performance. They're backed by live and on-demand training and world-class support. Plus, you get one of the best limited* lifetime warranties in the business. From powerful third-party integration features to asset trackers that pinpoint the locations of mobile assets in the field, you'll be amazed at everything we can do!

  GPS & Diagnostics GPS Asset Tracker
  Track light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles with diagnostic capabilities. Track light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. Track trailers, generators, heavy duty equipment or any valuable property.
Customer Care
On Demand Training
Live Training
Certified Installers
Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Mapping & Routing
Dispatching & Messaging  
Unlimited Landmarks & Geofences
GPS Reporting Suite
Grouping by Classifications
Real Time Exception Alerting
Location Frequency
Vehicle Maintenance Management  
Driver Identification  
Basic Driver Behavior  
Advanced Driver Behavior (Seatbelts, Hard Braking / Acceleration)    
Vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes    
Engine Data (Speed, Odometer, Engine Hours)    
MPG Reporting    
Emissions / Smog Reporting    
Driver and Vehicle Compliance Management    
Online Dashboard
Self-Install Option
Unlimited Users
Third-party Integration
Configurable Status Reporting
Real-time Lost Power Alert  
Fuel Card Integration  
Garmin Integration  
Roadside Assistance  


Regardless of what industry your company is in Steel Toe System offers a fleet management system that works for you. Our fleet industry expertise extends to government fleets, delivery vehicles, field service fleets, construction fleets, transportation vehicles, utility vehicles and more.

Explore our expertise further by watching our videos, and seeing how customers like you are benefiting from Steel Toe Systems's and Verizon Networkfleet's GPS tracking solutions.

Six Ways To A Sustainable Fleet

Making Smart Fleet Management Decisions

Identifying The Right Fleet Management Solution

Get a Handle on Labor Costs with Telematics

Ramping up Customer Service with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Locating and Managing High Value Assets

Helping Keep Drivers Safe

Controlling Fleet Costs with Telematics

Get Your Staff On Board With GPS Fleet Tracking

Using Vehicle Diagnostics To Monitor Your Fleet


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Telematics is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics technologies to track and communicate data. With Networkfleet, telematics is used to remotely monitor and track the location and performance of vehicles and transmit the data via wireless communications.

To help determine your return on investment, your Networkfleet offers a useful tool called the "Networkfleet Benefit Calculator." This helps you set a baseline before implementing Networkfleet and then measure the results in key fleet performance areas.

Yes. Vehicles equipped with Networkfleet's GPS tracking system can report on location and engine performance as often as every 15 seconds.

Yes. Our Roadside Assistance Plan – one of the only ones available in our industry at no extra cost – helps your vehicles get back on the road and back in business in the event of a roadside breakdown.

Yes. Steel Toe System offers an additional, local level of support in addition to Networkfleet's world-class Customer Care Team. You can reach Steel Toe System via phone (800.560.1580) or by email (support@steeltoesystems.com).

Yes. Our remote diagnostics system offers real-time engine Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts. Available in our fleet management system, DTCs provide the information you need to make accurate, informed decisions regarding the maintenance and performance of your vehicles. We also provide recall notices from manufacturers, and our Lifecycle Service Management plan helps to streamline the preventive maintenance management process.

Yes. With our Garmin CONNECT service, you can dispatch jobs, message with drivers, access navigation to jobs, and view live traffic conditions on the in-cab Garmin device.

Yes. Our engine diagnostics technology reports idle time, fuel consumption, and vehicle MPG to help optimize your fleet’s fuel use. We also offer a fuel card in partnership with WEX. This lets you monitor all fleet fuel purchases for additional savings. Steel Toe System can help you through the process of getting WEX cards for your drivers.

Absolutely! We train your employees on how to use the system during setup AND be available for questions anytime after deployment. Networkfleet also offers weekly training webinars and on-demand training videos. These are ongoing and free for all Steel Toe Systems customers.

We offer two purchase options. You can pay for the hardware up front and then pay a low monthly service fee. Or you can bundle the hardware and monthly service fee into one low monthly rate.

Yes. You can get on-demand reporting for the previous 365 days. However, we archive all your data in perpetuity. To access data beyond the 365-day time frame, please contact your Steel Toe Systems account representative.

You can add as many users as you want, at no extra cost. Setting up employee access to our fleet website is easy and intuitive.

Yes. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, and emailed at your preferred scheduled time.

Yes. Diagnostic trouble codes can be immediately sent to your mobile device in real time.