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Stop and think about your business succeeding in the marketplace. Chances are that you didn't think once about your mobile devices, desktops, network, business phones or servers! Now, think about a normal work day. Were you checking email, transferring files, creating business documents and spreadsheets, or on the phone with your customers? In order to be successful, we rely on these systems to work every time, all the time. Our managed IT solutions can help you focus on taking your business to new heights by removing the fear, stress, and extra work it takes to manage, maintain, and grow your IT infrastructure. We work along side of you to help you be successful. We want your business to succeed!


Our Services

We are in the business to help you grow and be successful. It's as simple as that. We're driven by our philosophy that if we help your business solve your IT issues, you will become more profitable and successful. Inherentily, we will grow along side. There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we've learned over the years to make our services work for YOUR business needs.

Managed IT Services

We can offload as little or as much of your IT operations as you desire. From desktop support to server management, we'll take a proactive approach to your IT needs.

Network Architecture

Firewalls, Routers, and VPNs...Oh my! From enterprise Wi-Fi deployments to DMZs, we can help design, implement and manage your network, whether it's one site or dozens.

Cloud Solutions

Whether it's onsite virtualization or leveraging cloud solutions for better efficiency and cost savings, we can help you realize your goals.

Remote Management & Monitoring

We'll take you from chaotic, through reactive, to an organized, pre-emptive IT process addressing critical problems before they occur!


Our anti-virus/spyware/malware solution tightly integrates into our management tools to offer comprehensive coverage against malicious software.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Preparing for the worst is a great first step! Let us show you how we go beyond traditional backup and disaster recovery and can minimize the cost to your organization should you face a disaster.

Choices. We make them every day. It is how we affect our environment and make a difference in the world. We chose to be there when you need us. We chose to do our best. We do this because, at our core, it's who we are. Steel Toe Systems

Business Continuity

Traditional backup and disaster planning are quickly coming obsolete. People and businesses who depend on their critical data for day-to-day operations cannot afford down-time. They need true automated business continuity that will not just let them recover files as they existed at some point in the past—but that will empower them to immediately continue operating their business no matter what happens to their hardware or their offices.

An on-premise backup server provides fast execution and immediate recovery, but it does not protect against disaster that may befall your facility or locale. A cloud-based only solution provides essential disaster protection, but can cause backups and/or restores to take too long.

The best approach is to hybridize the local and cloud based solution to one that executes backups quickly on a local appliance and then uploads images to the cloud--where those images can be ready for immediate recovery and use.

Sometimes, all you need to recover is a file or directory. Existing backup solutions are good for that. But what if you need to recover 100s of GB of data? Are you prepared to continue to operate your business in a matter of minutes? Without data loss? Traditional backup solutions are useless in this scenario.

Intelligent image-based solutions enable complete recovery of a critical business server, its operating system, applications, and critical business data in a matter of minutes, not days. Your business is fully protected against costly interruption.

Additionally, with intelligent incremental image updates, you can immediately start safeguarding your data, just where it was left off moments ago--rather than losing an entire day or weeks worth of work. This is business continuity!

It’s very difficult to predict exactly how much data you will need to protect during any given month—or how much total cloud storage they will need as they accumulate data over a machine's lifetime. A surprise bill can really sour a relationship. Excessive variability in monthly costs can be a headache as you strive to manage for predictability within your company’s finances.

To address this situation, Steel Toe Systems offers business continuity-as-a-service. It’s essential to keep costs fixed and predictable, month in and month out, and we strive to give you best in class solutions that are both reliable and predictable.

Not all solutions are created equal. Different situations require different solutions. Whether its a physical device or a virtual machine, Steel Toe Systems adapts and customizes a solution for you. The same core technology is common across all our business continuity solutions. This allows us to keep costs low, training costs low, and optimize the reliability of your continuity services.


Network Security

How Do You Manage Your Risk?

Network breaches, malware, hackers, software vulnerabilities... They make the news every day. It's almost expected at this point. Security is all about risk tolerance and risk management. The question is, how much risk are you comfortable assuming?


What is Your Liability?

In business, security risk translates into liability. Liability translates into dollars and cents. We want to protect your bottom line! In business, especially when dealing with customers, you often have only one chance. A single hack or data loss can deal businesses a fatal blow. Whether your data involves sensitive personal data (e.g. social security numbers, date of births, and other personal identifiable information) or company proprietary information, we can help. Versed in the latest security and encryption technologies, we can identify your risks and help you minimize your liability.


Why Should You Care?

Whether for monetary reward, to learn, or to increase their status, hackers exploit networks. The next network they exploit could be yours. Everyone needs to care about their security posture. Vulnerabilities are everywhere, from misconfigured firewalls to stealth malware. Hackers want your data. And you don't have to take our word. You can verify this by going to the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).


We Can Help!

With our collective backgrounds in developing security products to protect classified U.S. Government information, we are well versed in identifying vulnerabilities in products as well as networks. We can conduct a network security assessment and produce a customized risk assessment for your business. Within our network of help are some of the most highly regarded network penetration testers known in the United States. Steel Toe Systems is not just about IT, but ensuring the safety of your data and your IT assets. Contact us to discuss your customized assessment.

24x7x365 IT Help Desk

We're there when you need us, even when you don't!

Imagine an IT organization responsive enough to meet your every need. From early morning meetings to all-nighters, Steel Toe Systems' IT Service Desk never closes.

Steel Toe Systems' IT Service Desk is not just a help desk; it is a user-centric, single point of contact for ALL of your IT requirements. We seek to facilitate the integration of YOUR business processes with the latest information technology to streamline and improve your bottom line. The SteelToe IT Service Desk is your communication channel for all support requests, change requests, software licensing, and inquiries regarding your IT infrastructure.

Because we want to see you succeed, our offer is flexible and can be adapted to your business needs. Whether you ARE the business, or you have hundreds of employees, we will work with you to develop a level of support that makes sense. We will integrate into your operations seamlessly while still providing a superior level of support. After all, if you don't succeed, neither will we.

We Cater To You

To help you succeed, we can design a support package specific to you and your business needs. Whether you place one call a month or one hundred, we will scale to accomodate your user community. We can design a per call support cost or factor the support costs over a month. We want to take all the IT guessing out of your organization. Steel Toe Systems is here to help.


Our Client Testimonials

Technology Solutions

Solving problems is just the first step in providing a complete solution. We provide superior offers in the marketplace which means we don't just solve a single problem. We look at your unique situation and the ENTIRE system. We work with you to customize a solution specific to you. Solving problems is fun but providing a SOLUTION ensures that your problems don't happen again.

 Oil and Gas

From wireless radios to infrastructure networking, we make sure data gets to where it is needed. Whether it's moving data from SCADA systems or configuring network routers, we can help modernize and streamline your IT systems. Our goal: to be your trusted IT partner, helping you to facilitate the production and distribution of your critical data.


From HIPAA compliance in handling PII data to data breach prevention, Steel Toe Systems understands the importance of compliance and protection of patient data. We treat your data like classified information: no unintentional disclosures. We take proactive security measures to protect you, your data, your patients' data, and ultimately, your business.

 Small & Medium Businesses

We are in the business to help you grow and be successful. It's as simple as that. We're driven by our philosophy that if we help your business solve your IT issue, you will become more profitable and successful. Inherentily, we will grow along side. There is no catch, no gimmick, just experience and best practices that we've learned over the years to make our services work for YOUR business needs.


Did you know that trading desks lose over $5,000,000/year because of poor technology? While reliability and speed are crucial, compliance and protection of financial data are just as important. Steel Toe System looks to partner with financial institutions. We want to understand your requirements and customize a solution that works for you. Don't let outdated technology stand in your way of capturing profit!